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New Heavenly Melodies Artist Thomas Joseph will be giving away 2000 of his original CD called Joseph The Arrival...The Message

If you would like a free copy of The Arrival ...The Message please send your address and email to:

Heavenly Melodies
8012 Edgewood Rd
Mentor, Ohio

Please include a check or money order of 2.25 U.S. for postage make it out to Heavenly Melodies.( please don't send cash)

This CD was created with kids in mind. The theme of this CD was to show kids that there are things in this world, that just because certain people say it's okay there will be a consequece for not obeing Gods Commandments. The music was not the only thing that was created by Thomas Joseph, he also created a comic book super hero named Joseph.

Although the music was intended for teens we have found adults enjoy the music as well.

In 2002 Thomas Joseph will be releasing his first CD on the Heavenly Melodies Label.
4 songs from this CD will be on his new CD.

Footprints In The Sand
Now You Will Know
There will be Justice
He Died For You

Thomas Joseph's new CD is an Contemporary Christian release

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Listen to 2 of the releases from this CD "CLICK HERE"